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Door-To-Cloud Access Control

Forget about keys and cards – take control over who accesses your business


Cloud Based Access Control and Workforce Management Platform

iPulse delivers a biometrics access control solution in a primary growth market that is easy to use, quick to install and affordably priced against existing legacy systems. The system is scalable and can be used as easily in a single door application as it can in a multi-door multi-site environment. The architecture makes it easy to support and is low risk to resellers and/or users with many sites.

The Big Access Control Problem

There is an ever growing need for controlled access to both physical and logical access points, such as; buildings, networks, apps, services, clubs, educational facilities and more.

We have become dependent on lower security, higher risk, methods such as cards, fobs, keys, PINs and passwords, often over low security communications like Wifi and NFC. All of these can be lost, transferred, stolen or hacked.​

SIMPLY - you can't ensure the identity of the person presenting these credentials, only the credentials themselves.

The Biometric Solution

Biometric Access Control offers many advantages over the traditional card, key, password or PIN.

For both identification or verification biometrics are convenient and easy to use and almost impossible replicate. 

Biometric identification allows you to positively place an individual at a place at a point in time.

Take Back Control of Your Access
Benefits of IQSuite.Cloud

Intuitive User Interface


As a preconfigured solution there is no complex setup and training, you can have users up and running in minutes with an enterprise level access control solution.


Cost Competitive


Price is no longer a barrier, biometrics at the price of less secure card and key systems.  Flexible pricing options also include Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) to eliminate the need for capital investments.


Remote Management


As a full cloud platform you can manage your business access from anywhere but also rest assured that it has full offline capability in the event of a network failure.  Realtime tracking and management of access means no more after hours crisis.


Reliability & Support


The cloud platform allows for 90% of common faults and user problems to be supported remotely.  Add to this self healing hardware and you have vastly improved uptime.

Simple But Powerful User Interface






Just connect to the internet and you can add people and devices at the click of a button, no complex configurations. Just connect and you are good to go.



Access Permissions




Manage people individually, in groups or by zones.  Set access permissions individually per user based on access levels.



Monitor Events

Realtime Reporting

Exportable Reports

Live dashboard for tracking the system or individual users.  Full excel exportable reports in realtime. Track by door, person, site at the click of a mouse.

How it Works

Simply connect our IntelliRelay, shipped free with every door reader, to an internet switch, power and door lock and you are ready to take control. Many existing door locks and power supplies can be reused to keep costs down and avoid wastely rip and replace strategies.

A single Cat6 cable carries power, communication and inputs to the door reader.  A second Cat6 cable connects the IntelliRelay to the internet via an internet switch.  Once connected to the internet the reader "calls home" and you can adopt it via any computer connected to the internet.  No complex network configurations or set up, just add the reader and then add people to it from you local computer to anywhere in the world.

No hidden costs for controllers, cards or licenses, everything you need comes with your subscription and biometric reader. We recommend using good quality locking hardware and power supplies to avoid irritating down time from cheep products. 

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