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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Services now supports facial recognition across all its products and services, making this extremely powerful biometric methodology a core component of our offering.


Fully integrated into , and a range of new products and services, our facial recognition services are divided into 3 key areas, namely:

• Face detection & Analysing Services

• Verification Services

• Identification Services


As a Microsoft partner, iPulse Systems has leveraged the power of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Face product set as our core facial recognition technology, which provides algorithms that detect, recognize, and analyse human faces in images. Taking a photograph of a person at the time of enrolment allows us to use these services to identify a person in various ways on and its range of offerings.

What is facial recognition, and how does it work?

Facial recognition is essentially a method of identifying people based on their facial features. The system will take a photograph, extract the face from the “bigger picture”, and then search for the face for specific features, such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the cheekbones and the width of the nose. These results are then compared to either a picture of a known person (called verification) or against a large database of known people (called identification).

The Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Face service is also able to extract quality information about the photograph, such as the positioning of the face, image quality, and visible face area – allowing to determine if a face is partially obscured by a mask or a hand for example, and to make sure that the face is towards the camera, and not off to the side. Technical characteristics of the photo, such as blur, noise and exposure are also analysed, and more fun features such as whether the person is wearing glasses, make up, the colour of their hair, estimated age and even emotions – are extracted at the same time.

Facial recognition 7small.jpg



Our new is now fully facial recognition compatible and can run in autonomous mode from start to finish if required. In autonomous mode, the user is not required to touch the kiosk at all and can use a QR-code to start the process. It is the visitor management system everyone knows and loves, now upgraded to be compatible with our new facial recognition services.




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