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Meet the Team

Gary Chalmers


Gary is a serial entrepreneur who has built, listed and sold a number of technology businesses over the past 3 decades. As a marketing technologist, Gary has a unique perspective on where the security industry is going, and what the emerging trends and opportunities are. With an extensive background in ICT, and almost two decades of experience in the identity management space, Gary has an excellent overall knowledge of the identity market sector throughout Africa, Europe and the United States, and has an extensive technical background across a broad field of topics. Gary is both a major shareholder and co-founder of iPulse.

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Shai Weil


Shai is a creative, analytical, organised and motivated person with a passion for IT and business-related functions and processes. Shai has a passion for planning and reviewing business procedures and identifying areas of improvement and growth, both personally and professionally. With his skilled technical background and operations focus, Shai brings a new element to the iPulse team, focusing on systems and automation of support services in a manner which will help drive iPulse to the next level of becoming an always on, online organisation.

Andre Nel


Andre is a strategist, marketer, and entrepreneur, who has spent the past 30 years in international business development and supply chain management.  After building and selling a multi-billion Rand business in the supply chain and logistics space Andre joined iPulse as an investor and director in 2016. Now resident in California, Andre is still actively involved in helping drive iPulse strategy and growth, and remains a large shareholder.

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Matthew Chalmers


Matthew is a highly successful and motivated young man who drives the sales endeavors of the iPulse team. Matthew is a high EQ individual who loves and cares for the customers that make up the iPulse ecosystem, with a personal touch and genuine care for everyone he meets. His high energy and constant commitment have yielded dramatic growth in new clients and customers under his growing team of account managers, with the iPulse presence in Southern Africa becoming larger every day.

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Attie Oosthuizen


Attie is a highly experienced, long-time entrepreneur who has found a home within the iPulse family, bringing much needed project management and coordination skills to the team. As the iPulse footprint grows throughout Southern Africa, installations take place daily in the most far-flung corners of the SADEC region, and coordinating the people, stock, tools and travel arrangements requires attention to detail and an unflappable demeanour – two things which Attie thankfully possesses. Bringing on board new clients always comes with its challenges, and Attie steps into the breach to make sure that these are smoothed over before they even occur.

Bryan Rudman


Bryan is a techie at heart with a passion for systems and reporting. Highly qualified on Microsoft Azure, Bryan is core to the iPulse ethos, driving support and testing of all systems - both for internal use and across the portfolio. With a tremendous desire for clear and measurable reporting, Bryan is constantly developing new and unique ways of tracking and managing system usage, and using trends and data to prevent problems before they occur - giving iPulse one of the highest industry uptimes across all platforms. 

Thomas "TJ" Snyman


Easily the smartest guy at iPulse, TJ has a mind that is constantly seeking to expand its knowledge. As the architect of all iPulse hardware, and all its related firmware, TJ is an exceptionally gifted individual who never ceases to amaze people with his "nothing is impossible" attitude, having many times developed solutions and created functionality that was previously deemed impossible to achieve. More at home in binary than English, TJ is none-the-less the star of any show where beer is served as well, and in over a decade of troubleshooting, has never once failed to find and resolve a problem in the field.

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Gennadii "Gin" Kolomytcyn


A highly skilled developer, Gin is the key driver behind the back end and security architecture. Gin blends a combination of skills with consummate ease, and his gentle, unflappable nature always leaves everyone feeling that no problems can possibly be unsolvable. His ability to learn new products and skills never ceases to amaze everyone, and he is always able to quickly and efficiently integrate new products, protocols and sub-systems into the iPulse platform to ensure that our clients enjoy a constantly secured, always growing solution.

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