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Our Executives

  • Gary Chalmers


    Gary is a serial entrepreneur who has built, listed and sold a number of technology businesses over the past 3 decades. As a marketing technologist, Gary has a unique perspective on where the security industry is going, and what the emerging trends and opportunities are. With an extensive background in ICT, and over a decade of experience in the identity management space, Gary has an excellent overall knowledge of the identity market sector throughout Africa, Europe and the United States, and has an extensive technical background across a broad field of topics. Gary is both a major shareholder and co-founder of iPulse.

  • Andre Nel


    Andre is a strategist, marketer, and entrepreneur, who has spent the past 30 years in international business development and supply chain management.  After building and selling a multi-billion Rand business in the supply chain and logistics space Andre joined iPulse as an investor and director in 2016.   Andre has since helped to define a new strategy for the company in the cloud platform and "as a Service" space whilst learning the industry at the same time. Now resident in California, he has taken over business expansion and growth into the North American market.

  • Shai Weil


    Shai is a creative, analytical, organised and motivated person with a passion for IT and Business related functions and processes. Shai has a passion for planning and reviewing of business procedures and identifying areas of improvement and growth, both personally and professionally.
    With his skilled technical background and operations focus, Shai brings a new element to the iPulse team, focussing on systems and automation of support services in a manner which will help drive iPulse to the next level of becoming an always on, online organisation.

  • Elsabe Lubbe


    Elsabe Lubbe is a highly skilled and exceptionally competent accountant who manages our accounting team and services for the iPulse core operations, based in South Africa. Elsabe brings a much needed accounting focus to a highly technical team, and drives systems and processes throughout the organisation. Her dedication, attention to detail and exceptional memory are the key determinants in iPulse having a world-class accounting system and processes. 

  • Ivan Leibenson


    Ivan Leibenson is a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant) based in San Clemente, CA, where he has been providing specialized financial services and tax advice since 1979. A top consultant who seldom takes on new clients, Ivan is a sought after expert that iPulse is extremely excited to have aboard as an advisor, and who brings much needed financial knowledge and experience to the team.

  • Clive Shefts


    Clive is a serial technologist, having been involved in the Internet since his teen years. Clive is currently the CEO and co-founder of a large Internet-based company. Clive and Gary have worked together as a team since 1995, when they first met. Based in Orange Country, California, Clive has been instrumental component in helping iPulse to create a US-centric "as-a-service" solution that clearly leverages the market opportunities and has helped to set up and build the iPulse US infrastructure over the past two years.

Our Advisors

Our Management Team

  • Grant Vine


    Grant Vine has joined the team as the Chief Information Officer, bringing much needed technical skills to the team. A true engineer at heart, Grant is behind our cloud-based architecture design, and drives and manages our overall development strategy in conjunction with Gary, TJ and Francois. With a highly pedigreed background in IT security, Grant is the perfect driver for the security structures.

  • Thomas "TJ" Snyman


    Easily the smartest guy at iPulse, TJ has a mind that is constantly seeking to expand its knowledge. As the architect of all iPulse hardware, and all its related firmware, TJ is an exceptionally gifted individual who never ceases to amaze people with his "nothing is impossible" attitude, having many times developed solutions and created functionality that was previously deemed impossible to achieve. More at home in binary than English, TJ is none-the-less the star of any show where beer is served as well, and in over a decade of troubleshooting, has never once failed to find and resolve a problem in the field.

  • Francois van Loggerenberg


    A highly skilled developer, writer and graphic designer, Francois is the key driver behind the user experience, and the lead architect of the front-end application. With a decade of experience in C# & SQL development, and most of that time spent developing applications for iPulse, Francois is the genius behind the extremely simple user interface, and the quirky voice behind the famous iPulse message boxes and feedback alerts. A true engineer at heart, Francois has the unique ability to take incredibly complex concepts and simplify them into elegant solutions.

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