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Visitor Management System

 Biometric Visitor Management Software 

 VisitorIQ.cloud is a high-level biometric visitor management system designed to replace the archaic hand-written Visitor Log with an advanced visitor system that provides modern access control features backed by accurate, searchable data in a digital format, and provides a seamless add-on visitor management functionality to IQSuite.cloud


Accessible through our state-of the-art visitor kiosk, or even through a web portal if required, our visitor management system makes managing visitors and contractors a breeze. 

Take Back Control of Your Access
  • Privacy Compliant

    The existing pen-and-paper visitor log is no longer considered sufficient in terms of the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) act and may, in fact, be in direct violation thereof. VisitorIQ.cloud was built with POPI in mind and is 100% compliant with all established regulations.

  • Health & Safety Compliance

    VisitorIQ.cloud allows you to display any video when someone makes use of the console. Videos can be set to repeat at customisable recurring intervals (such as every 6 months), making VisitorIQ.cloud the ideal tool to help maintain OHASA compliance or introduce newcomers to your premise’s layout and guidelines. In addition to this, visitors and contractors can have different videos to watch, allowing you to tailor the experience for different audiences.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Integrate the visitor system into your existing policies and procedures, allowing you to pre-register visitors for bulk visits, link it to your ticketing system, or simply use in stand-alone mode for a powerful tool that automates every aspect of how visitors access your premises.

  • Reporting & Verification

    Get accurate clocks of when a visitor used your kiosk, even if they never use any biometric devices for access to the building. Keep a record of who signed in, and when, and search for these records for as long as needed. The records also provide proof of acceptance of Terms & Conditions for visiting a site, allowing you to ensure that no one gains access without reading and accepting your terms of entry.

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