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How can we help to evolve your business today?

iPulse delivers tried and tested solutions that transform the way your business manages identities to decrease costs, increase security and put you in control.

Manage your People

Manage People

iPulse has solutions that range from simple workforce management to enterprise time & attendance that integrates completely into HR and payroll systems for an automated payroll with business intelligence dashboards.

Secure your Premises

Secure Premises

iPulse has solutions that allow you to control access for employees, contractors and visitors from a centralised control panel and to have granular & immediate control over who accesses your premises and when.

Control Fraud & Theft

Control Fraud

iPulse has solutions that allow you to ensure that the people you interact with in your business are who they say they are. Validate identities using our Secure Citizen link, and manage identity to reduce fraud in your call centres using our powerful and frictionless voice biometrics from Nuance and ID R&D.

Some of our Clients

What Our Clients Say...

Ntando Cele, Nafasi Wate

"We take pride in developing a relationship with a company that is as committed to technical excellence and superior client service as we are. iPulse Systems have consistently delivered in ensuring that our premises and facilities stay secured at all times."

Ntando Cele

Nafasi Water

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The iPulse solutions focus on providing an accurate identity management platform on which to run our fully integrated, end-to-end cloud-based applications, which provides numerous benefits for the end user

Manage your People

Always know who is on your premises at all times with accurate identity!

iPulse works with partners such as Secure Citizen to ensure that you can simply and quickly validate the identity of anyone – be they visitors, employees or contractors – to ensure that the data you are populating in your system is accurate.

Secure your Premises

Manage & control your system securely from anywhere, anytime!

An online system means that you are always on, and always connected, wherever you may be. Manage your devices in multiple sites, locations and countries from one central dashboard.

Control Fraud & Theft

Remote troubleshooting, support & updates mean significantly lower TCO!

The iPulse support team solve 100% of application problems or concerns remotely, and even our hardware has a 95% remote solve rate – all of which is included in your monthly fees.

iPulse Systems provides a full operational expense (OpEx) solution which requires no upfront capital or contracts to be signed. The monthly OpEx fee is an all-inclusive fee.

Manage your People

Return on Investment (ROI) from day 1 with our unique all-in rental

iPulse offers a no-contract, no-fuss rental option for the total solution, including accessories, labour and installation fees, that allows companies to enjoy ROI immediately without a capital outlay.

Secure your Premises

One monthly fee with absolutely no hidden costs ensures consistency

Because you receive a single-fee monthly cost for your solution, which includes everything except specific site callouts, you have absolute control over the TCO (total cost of ownership) of your solution.

Control Fraud & Theft

One company responsible ensures a quick resolution of problems or concerns

Since iPulse is responsible for all aspects of your solution, there is no blame game or multiple party arguing. iPulse ensures that your solution is always working, and always delivering.

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