Time & Attendance Solutions

Cloud-Based Time and Attendance and
Workforce Management

Whether you are looking for basic workforce management for a few employees or for enterprise solutions for large business we have the solution for you. Biometric clocking ensures you have no "buddy" clocking and gives you accurate, legally defensible, data for your records.


Being cloud-based you have real-time access to management tools to track who is where and when they got there, even on remote sites.  You don't have to be there to know who has not showed up for work. Automate these records with payroll to save time, reduce cost and manage performance.


While some savings may be expected you ensure you only pay for the hours that are worked


No more buddy clocking.  Biometrics ensure total accuracy of clockings


Live reporting allows for quick decisions and action to ensure you have the required employees for the job


Easily incorporate access control measures using the same hardware and software


Biometric devices can be standalone, PC based or Portable based on your needs


From 1 employee to 100 000 employees, accross 1 or 100 sites. 

While the accurate recording of hours give you granular control over your payroll, the systems reporting and analytics also provides valuable insight for productivity management, resource planning and employee performance.


Industry Applications


Our IQSuite.cloud platform enables biometric verification for many industry verticals where we have developed, or integrated with, tailored applications.  These include: Retail outlets, Data Centers, Schools, Advanced Visitor Management, Community living and many more.

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