Biometric Platform and Solutions

Creating a Biometric Layer for Your Security Needs

From Identity Management to Access Control Systems, from Banks to Schools, iPulse provides simple but powerful Biometric Solutions, or with its Web API allows quick integrations into other technologies to add a biometric layer to your needs.

  • Flexible 

    No need to rip and replace everything as our cloud platform allows for integration with many legacy components such as fire, camera and alarm systems, and door hardware such as locks and power supplies.

  • Secure

    iPulse, with Microsoft Azure, bring you a secure and privacy compliant platform for managing your security.  The best security principles have been applied and are being continually updated.

  • Scaleable

    A seamless, reliable and high performing platform allows for scaling from one to thousands of access points with the greatest of ease. You never have to worry about onsite servers, cards or passwords again.

Remote Support

Cloud enables over the air software and firmware updates without disrupting your business.  It also allows for remote troubleshooting of devices when online.

The Challenge


Legacy on site server based systems require high levels in house skill or vendor support when problems occur or when changes need to be made. SQL databases, network dependencies, firewall configurations and many other requirements make managing this complex solution expensive and risky.

The Ideal World


High reliability, easy to support, cloud platforms that offer end-to-end security to encrypt and protect the users information. This, coupled with powerful next generation biometric verification devices that can be managed from anywhere.

The Solution


IQSuite.Cloud! It offers improved levels of security with significantly reduced complexity in a cost effective solution. A simple dashboard allows you to manage people and devices on your system giving you full remote control, visibility and reporting.

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