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South African Businesses Finding Success With Biometric Access Control

Changing times have always called for changing technologies and advancements in the availability and simplicity of biometrics has seen incredible innovations take root in our daily lives. Probably most prevalent is the use of fingerprint and facial recognition to unlock smartphones and access apps including those that hold even our most vital personal and financial information.

We have become increasingly accustomed to the ease and peace of mind, not to mention enhanced security, that these innovations have brought to our day-to-day experiences and with that in mind we should remember that similar innovations could bring the same level of satisfaction in our business activities.

Eliminate Risk

Regardless of the size of the company, all modern-day businesses should have a biometric access control system in place for a variety of reasons.

More than likely, your business has high value items on-site, sensitive proprietary information or highly dangerous and restricted work areas, all of which require varying and individual levels of security that a technologically innovative biometric system can offer.

The risk of both internal and external theft is an ever-present reality of business and taking the necessary measures to mitigate those risks is of utmost importance. In ensuring that all employees – and perhaps more importantly – visitors and contractors - are recorded on a digital system that both tracks and restricts their movements within the office you can ensure that your business and its contents are protected.


According to the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 60% of their surveyed members had been victims of differing forms of crime, with a particularly rapid increase in crimes being committed against small businesses.

Ensuring that your on-site staff are safe and protected when entering and exiting the workplace goes a long way towards boosting both their physical and psychological safety.

Access & Attendance

Very few businesses require unrestricted access to their entire premises by all employees, and with a biometric access control system in place you can easily regulate who goes where and at what time. Systems such as these also makes it easier to create a record of activity, which will allow you to monitor exactly who goes where, and when they did this.

With changes in work patterns including staff shifting jobs regularly, combined with the highly restrictive rules around dismissing unproductive employees, being able to track employee access and attendance is critical.

With a biometric system, deactivation and removal of access to the premises can be done immediately without the worry of keys being potentially being withheld or copied.


One of the major benefits of biometric systems is the ability to grant access and limit areas of entry and exit to external vendors such as construction workers and cleaning crews that are often required to be present after-hours. Using biometrics to manage this access ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the premises, during the hours allotted to them.


About iPulse Systems

iPulse Systems Biometric Access Control is a Microsoft Azure powered cloud-based system that controls your business data from a centralized point and allows you to manage your staff, visitors and outside vendor access from a single point across multiple physical sites.


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