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iPulse Partners with Secure Citizen

iPulse Systems and Secure Citizen have announced a partnership that will see iPulse replace its external BIOVAULT database lookup from all current suppliers and replace them with links to the Secure Citizen database.

“Secure Citizen offers an amazing solution to the market in that it allows for almost any identity to be managed in a secure, POPI-compliant manner and to provide this information to partners, such as us, in a convenient, cost-effective and always available manner,” says Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse Systems. “Furthermore,” he continues, “their multi-modal biometric solution is extremely attractive to our more security conscious customers, many of whom require absolute certainty of an individuals identity before granting visitors access to secure premises.”

“iPulse is exactly the kind of partner we built Secure Citizen for”, says Dalene Deale, Executive Head, Secure Citizen. “Their high levels of security, and specific need to manage identity for individuals from both within and outside of South Africa, along with their requirement for multi-modal biometrics. It’s exactly the kind of use case we envisioned, as well as the convenience for the end user we wanted to provide.”

“With effect from 1 June 2021, iPulse will begin replacing its back end look ups for all clients across the globe with the Secure Citizen link, and slowly rebranding all applications and sites to reflect this new brand,” says Chalmers.


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