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  • Blanca Janches

5 Reasons Why Your Educational Facility needs a Biometric Visitor Management Kiosk

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Ensuring the safety and security of employees, learners and visitors on educational facility premises is of paramount importance. In adopting self check-in systems as an an access control system, schools and higher education institutions can realise benefits not only from the perspective of increased productivity and safety but also the general user and learner experience. In this post we will provide examples of the the many ways educational institutions can benefit from a biometric self check-in kiosk.

Biometric visitor management systems were designed to replace archaic hand-written visitor logs by providing a modern, tech-savvy alternative to older access control methods. The ability to identify, enrol, control access, provide and store indisputable records and importantly safely and securely store visitor data within a single cloud-based platform provides a multitude of benefits to users and product owners alike.


All self check-in kiosks are embedded with Secure Citizen solutions that ensure that the identity of every South African citizen (including those that have sought legal asylum) can be validated and verified against the Department of Home Affairs by means of a valid identity

number and a subsequent matching of either a fingerprint scan or photograph, thus providing a quick and easy way to vet visitors and contractors.

Furthermore, the kiosks subsequently dispense visitor badges that ensure that all visitors vital information is clearly and easily identifiable to on-site staff at all times.

The system grants time-sensitive and area-restrictive access with the option of auto-expiring at the end of the period granted. Importantly, all data captured is available for real-time evaluation.

Included in all the devices is the option of a COVID-19 questionnaire and self-check that upon successful completion will only then continue with the enrolment process.

User Experience

In streamlining the self enrolment process, the general user experience improves by eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction and the tedious paper registration process. Students in higher education institutions can self enrol and access their profiles when and where it suits them and high-volume institutions can reduce attendance registration time by including a pre-enrolment option that would require either a fingerprint scan or facial recognition.

Visitors will find the option of self-enrolment far easier than liasing with security guards on site and their data is more likely to be captured correctly thus ensuring fewer issues upon return visits. The option of a no-touch en


Being able to account for everyone on-site as well as the ability to pull up accurate and indisputable records is a major benefit to the school or educational facility. In the event of an incident, it it important from a legal perspective to be able to provide essential data to potentially cover oneself.

Improved Productivity

By including a biometric visitor management kiosk in educational facilities, staff can be freed up from time spent attending to visitors to perform their core tasks instead. Another benefit is the ability to track attendance and reduce and address issues of both employee and student lateness.

Potential Income Generator and Branding Opportunity

The kiosks come fully branded and customized according to client specifications. The display screens can be set to display all forms of content including in-house content including pre-loaded advertising and branded content.

In closing, the visitor management kiosk is a feature-rich device that is packed with the most cutting edge-technology that provides a host of benefits to both the user and owner.

Contact us now for a free demo on how your school or educational institution can benefit from a biometric visitor management self check-in system.


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