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Touchless Attendance Tracking for a Safer Environment

TrackIQ monitors the coming and going of anyone who enters or leaves your premises. Capture and monitor data seamlessly and efficiently with minimal effort.

Build customised loyalty programmes, track staff efficiency, track and report on health. The opportunities are endless – let your data work for your business.

Who visits your premises and when?

Whether you want to track the number of visitors or customers who entered your premises during the day or the students who arrived for a particular class, the number of workers who reported to site or the number of attendees for an event, TrackIQ has you covered.


Timestamped entry and exit records help you keep track of who arrived, who left and who is still there.


Ensure a safe environment.

COVID-19 has changed the way we think about everything from workplaces to restaurants. TrackIQ helps you record the temperature for users so you can identify possible risk vectors before they come into contact with your staff, clients or students.


Optionally track temperature data and be able to report on who was in contact with whom at the push of a button if needed.

Quick. Easy. Safe. Efficient!

Getting in and out should be quick and simple - everyone hates queues and delays. TrackIQ offers lightning-fast entry logging that’s much quicker than filling in a form, backed with accurate, usable data that’s available without the need to digitize or manually page through paperwork. Turn biometric identity verification on or off depending on your needs.


Skip the queue - touch-less logging that’s quick, easy and legible.

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