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IQSuite 5.3 released


New Features. Increased Reliability. BIOVAULT*

Building on the powerful 5.1 platform, the all-new 5.3 release brings significantly enhanced system reliability, a host of new features, and a broad-based array of reporting and diagnostic tools to the platform you already know and love.

Now incorporating BIOVAULT free to South African clients, the product has been comprehensively updated with major new features and functions, and significant stability and performance improvements.

Of course, the biometric readers have not been forgotten, with the powerful new 11.4.0 firmware now driving all your devices, and unlocking a massive array of new features and performance improvements on your existing devices.

The platform itself is migrating as part of this upgrade, to a new, vastly superior infrastructure, and based on the Azure Kubernetes platform. All clients will be migrated to the new system by the end of August 2018, so please look out for a call from the tech team who will be contacting soon to make arrangements for your remote upgrade!



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