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Fingerprint Biometric Products

The iPulse biometric devices have built a reputation as being tough, reliable products that continue to deliver in the harshest of environments – ranging from multinational fast food chains to gold mines, data centers and kids entertainment venues. The iPB range all use the same integrated controller/processer board, which runs a Linux operating system. This gives infinite scope and control as every biometric device is effectively a powerful computer – making it an access control point and controller combined into one. iPB biometric devices have no hidden charges or fees. 5,000:1 or 10,000:1 fingerprint matching, IntelliRelay™ (intelligent relay) and all licenses are included with every device. Optional integrated HID card readers allow Prox, MiFare, DesFire, iClass or SEOS –with the powerful SE multiclass module offering them all in one device! 

Facial Recognition Products now supports facial recognition across all its products and services, making this extremely powerful biometric methodology a core component of our offering.


Fully integrated into , and a range of new products and services, our facial recognition services are divided into 3 key areas, namely:

• Face detection & Analysing Services

• Verification Services

• Identification Services


As a Microsoft partner, iPulse Systems has leveraged the power of the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Face product set as our core facial recognition technology, which provides algorithms that detect, recognize, and analyse human faces in images. Taking a photograph of a person at the time of enrolment allows us to use these services to identify a person in various ways on and its range of offerings.

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